About Me

My name is Mahmood Tabrizi.I am the painter of the Iranian Football Federation, and I’m an ambassador of art and Cultural in Iran’s sports and football.

تقدیر از محمود تبریزی

The Beautifootball Prize

The Beautifootball prize

I have been dedicating two consecutive decades of my life to create artworks and caricature. In adolescence, I was interested in caricature by reading the cartoon magazines. As the time passed, I succeeded in winning many national and international prizes from the most prestigious cartoon festivals in Iran and around the world. I have held more than 20 cartoon exhibitions in Tehran and Alborz. I also have published a Hollywood cartoon journal in this period of time. My ability to draw the face opened up an opportunity to sketch so many cartoons on the cover of GAJ publication books and first page of newspapers. Working with Iranian state television, showing up for some TV programs, sketching in live TV programs, introducing and presenting cartoon in studios, associating with Varzesh 3 website (one of the most visited website after Google in Iran) and other activities I’ve done so far. All I mentioned above and my much interest in football turned me into one of those few artists who sketch the football players in the world. With the Complete recognition of football players of history and continual study of professional athletes, I have made the richest reference of football collection.

I am so much interested in football players of history, sport, music, cinema and literature. These things have important roles in my whole life.

Production, opportunity and job creation for Youth is always in my mind. I believe we should take advantage of all potential to make the best of limitations and circumstances and turn them into opportunities.

I believe that I have reached my goals and wishes and I would define new plans and goals for my future to move toward them energetically.

From the most important prizes I’ve been granted, I can mention: attaining Primary prize of international festivals of Wall Street crash in Iran and the festival of Rudy Panko in Ukraine. Attaining the second title and silver medal from international festivals in the US, leng mo of China and national production of Iran.

Attaining the bronze medal from golden smile Belgrade and special prizes from Austria, Jiangxi of china, smile art of Bulgaria, Daejeon of South Korea and other special prizes from the festivals around the world including Colombia, Mexico, Hungry, Serbia, Brazil, Poland, Turkey and etc,.