Mahmood Tabrizi


Fernsehsendung Mahmood Tabrizi Painter Fußball

Über Mahmoud Tabrizi
Painter and graphic artist for television programs
Fernsehsendung Mahmood Tabrizi Painter Fußball
Offizieller Maler des iranischen Fußballverbandes
Manager des BEAUTIFOOTBALL-Preises
Karikaturist, Maler, Buchillustrator
Forscher Sport & Körper der Athleten

Live broadcast, analysis and expert on Premier League football, FA Cup and national
team competitions
This television program will be broadcast live with graphics and paintings by Mahmood Tabrizi

The premier soccer inaugural program airs for the first time on April 11, and then in the last few weeks, with the season ending 2–۳, the series will be televised as the best program ever.

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