Mahmood Tabrizi


Medical advice to prevent COVID-19

Design-Illustration on the topic of prevention of COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) for the
Ministry of Health of Iran _ by Mahmood Tabarizi
Medical advice to prevent COVID-19

طراحی-تصویرگری با موضوع پیشگیری از ویروس COVID-19 (کروناویروس) برای وزارت بهداشت ایران _ توسط محمود تبریزی

Medical advice to prevent COVID-19
Mahmood Tabrizi other important experiences in the field of art includes :

– Textbook illustration , teaching aids and  self-help books for GAJ International publications .

– Compiling and publishing a cartoon book (Caricature) and several children’s books .

– Ten years working and cooperating with magazines and newspapers department as a caricaturist .

– Four years Wotking as a secretary of the cartoon service of the comic books) weekly magazine .

– Win top awards at international cartoon competitions and well-qualified in exhibition sections at the World Cartoon and Cartoon Festivals .

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