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Mahmoud mohammad Tabrizi (in Persian: محمود محمد تبریزی) is a cartoonist, illustrator and painter of footballers. [۱] [۲] [۳] [۴]

Mahmood Tabrizi is an Iranian artist who works in the field of painting and caricature, and is the founder of the Sports Award _ BeautiFootball

Mahmood Tabrizi is a graphic artist and painter of Iranian television sport programs and also  well-known as a first and only artist who showed football by using the art of painting for TV audiences and created a significant change in a graphic of sport programs .

He has experiences in working with television programs: footballbartartv3 (Live Broadcasting and Reporting and Analysis of Iran Football League Competitions) and Sports Program: ‘Record‘ (with a  topic of talking to Olympic sports medalists) as a painter and graphic artist .

 Mahmood Tabrizi is currently a graphic designer, and consultant for the company’s commercial department ( Kian Baspar Company ), which is a commercial factory ( KimDi Toys ) and also
produces and exports toys and football dolls, intellectual games, entertainment and birthday candles .

He is currently working with Mr.Ahmad Reza Derakhshanpour , a football researcher, writer, translator and interpreter in ( BeautiFootball ) to produce entertaining and artistic works with different football themes for children and adolescents .
Collecting and encyclopedia illustrated of the history of football in the world’s clubs and federations in the form of paintings and illustrations, along with analyzing the style of football players , is one of the most important activities of this team , and it publishes books, comics, educational books and children’s books.
Attention to details and showing the unique characteristics of athletes , demonstrating some of the individual skills and advantages of the players , which can only be understood in the form of a photo and painting form and will be able to analyze, are the main features of Mahmood Tabrizi’s works .

This artist has a history of various collaborations in the fields of culture and art with the Football Federation of Iran , the most important one is : He created a hosting environment for the FIFA president and the president of the Asian Football Confederation at the National Football Center of Iran.
Holding several painting exhibitions for the players of the Iranian national team in the official seeing-off ceremony held for football players to the World Cup , holding a painting exhibition at the Iranian Football Foundation’s Top Talents Festival and the first painting exhibition of the Iranian Football Federation at Goya Gallery .

Seting up a memorial gallery , appreciating the greatest of the world football with a memorial signature to the Museum are other Mahmoud Tabrizi’s activities for the Football Federation of Iran .

His other important experiences in the field of art includes :

Textbook illustration , teaching aids and  self-help books for GAJ International publications .
Compiling and publishing a cartoon book (Caricature) and several children’s books . Ten years working and cooperating with magazines and newspapers department as a caricaturist .
Four years Working as a secretary of the cartoon service of the comic Magazine ( KESHIDEH ) weekly magazine .
Win top awards at international cartoon competitions and well-qualified in exhibition sections at the World Cartoon and Cartoon Festivals .
Holding individual exhibitions of paintings and cartoons.

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